Completing Cost Containment Certification provides policyholders with many benefits to their business.  Those who complete the certification often see a decrease in claim costs, a reduction in losses, and experience less severe injuries at the workplace.  Policyholders with a Cost Containment Certification also may be eligible for workers’ compensation premium discounts.  Also, certification demonstrates an organization’s commitment to protecting the safety and welfare of their employees.
Colorado’s Cost Containment Certification requires that employers have a six-step formal safety program in place and document its effectiveness for one year. In addition to these steps, the following also must be kept throughout the year:

  1. Safety orientation documentation for all new employees
  2. Safety training documentation on (at least) a quarterly basis. (Pinnacol recommends monthly safety awareness training to promote better safety awareness and to develop a good safety culture for your company.)
  3. Accident investigation reports for all incidents reported, including corrective measures to be implemented
  4. Documentation indicating the designated medical provider/s the company selected has been distributed to all existing and new employees
  5. Documentation showing efforts towards instituting modified duty that conforms to the treating physician’s restrictions
  6. Required documentation must be dated and signed

Keep in mind; you probably already have the majority of the components of the CCC program in place. If you have a solid safety program implemented and the program and its results have been well documented – then you may have met some of the above requirements. Regardless, Pinnacol’s safety consultants can help with every step of the process.
Additionally, Pinnacol offers the Employer’s Guide to Cost Containment Certification – free of charge – you can order materials online at Pinnacol HERE. Along with this workbook, they have created a Cost Containment Certification webinar series. The series is an exclusive benefit to Pinnacol policyholders and was designed to assist you with development of your CCC program and to walk you through the six-step process, documentation and application. You can access the webinars at any time from Pinnacol by clicking HERE.