You can’t always prevent a lawsuit, but you can help protect your business against one.
You think of your employees like family, why would they ever file a lawsuit against you? Employers don’t have to do something wrong to be sued. Unfortunately, employers still end up paying substantial legal fees to defend themselves against allegations of wrongful termination and discrimination among other employment practices-related claims. As a business owner you need insurance coverage that helps to proactively minimize risks to your business. And, if you have employees, you need insurance that helps protect you from employment-related claims resulting from alleged or actual acts of:
∙Discrimination               ∙Harassment                    ∙Retaliation
∙Wrongful Discipline     ∙Wrongful Termination    ∙Wrongful failure to promote 
∙Violation of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  
Employment related claims impact organizations of every size, in every industry. Here are the                     TOP 4 REASONS YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS EPLI COVERAGE:  

  1. You make decisions everyday that impact your employees: hiring, compensation, promotions, accommodating disabilities, terminations and more. Each of these can lead to a claim for a wrongful employment practice if not handled correctly.
  2. Both defense costs and settlement amounts for employment practice claims can have a serious financial impact on a company. Employment practices insurance is critical to protect organizations from the potentially large cost of employment litigation.
  3. Even an organization with good human resources policies and procedures in place can be sued, and the cost of defending a claim can be enormous. It is not uncommon for legal fees associated with winning an employment lawsuit to exceed $250,000.
  4. Managing employment practices claims can be complex. With an EPLI policy in place a claim professional will be assigned to you as well as an outside attorney who has expertise in the legal environment in your local area.

Please watch this informative video from The Hartford further explaining EPLI coverage:

   Source: The Hartford and Travelers