Our team at RSS specializes in insuring childcare facilities such as daycares and schools. We have been a part of the Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference for several years now, and we will be participating in the conference virtually this year. Click HERE to check out our virtual booth.

As a local insurance broker, we are able to offer childcare facilities insurance programs tailored to each facilities’ specific needs. Several of our carriers offer insurance packages specifically designed for childcare facilities. Common coverages include:

General Liability

Professional Liability

Child Abuse or Molestation Coverage

Commercial Auto

Property Coverage

Workers Compensation

As the owner or director of a childcare facility, it is vital that you regularly review your insurance coverage in order to ensure you are properly covered in the event you experience a claim. Below are some examples of claim scenarios childcare facilities could experience.

  • General Liability: Tyler, a student, fell off the swing at a childcare playground. His two front teeth were knocked out. He incurred $2,000 in dental work. Tyler’s mother filed a claim for the dental expenses and an additional $5,000 alleging emotional distress…
  • Professional Liability: Sally’s mother claims that her Child Care center failed to render professional service in the administration of their education program. Sally had failed to identify enough colors and shapes to pass an entrance exam to a private school. Sally’ s parents are suing the childcare center for the cost to hire a special tutor and the cost of their tuition.
  • Child Abuse or Molestation: A disgruntled parent claims her child had bruises on his arm. When asked, her child stated his teacher hurt him. Charges filed include improper hiring, improper training of employees, and failure to protect the child from harm. Attorneys are hired to defend the school against these charges. The case is dismissed after an investigation fails to prove any abuse occurred. The center’s defense costs amount to $25,000.
  • Hired and non-owned auto coverage: The Childcare center owner, Beth, asked Molly, an employee of the Care Center, to run to the store for craft supplies for the holiday project. While on her way to the store Molly rear-ended a car at a stop sign causing $4,000 worth of property damage and $9,000 in bodily injury to the other driver and automobile.
  • Certain civil/Criminal Defense Cost Reimbursement*: Doug, a student, stated to his mother that an employee of ABC Child Care, touched him inappropriately. Doug’s mother then filed a report with the local police who then filed criminal charges against the employee. The employee claimed her innocence and while defending her good name and reputation incurred $30,000 in criminal defense costs. The charges were later dropped, when Doug admitted that he had fabricated the story to get bac at Lauren for not allowing him to go outside when it was raining. She was reimbursed for all of her defense costs.
  • Medical Payments: Michael and John, both students at a local childcare center, were playing with matchbox cars when they both decided that they wanted to play with the red sports car. Michael, determined to play with his favorite car, pushed John causing scrapes and abrasions on his arm. After receiving a phone call from the center, John’s mother picked John up and took him to the hospital. The injuries resulted in a $2,000 bill for services provided by the hospital.

If you have any questions or would like our team to take a look at your current insurance coverage, please contact our office. We would love the opportunity to assist you!