COVID-19 has turned our communities upside down over the last few weeks. It’s vital that we come together and help one another now more than ever. We put together a list of five ways you can help our community right here in the Metro North Denver area.

  1. A Precious Child is doing amazing work to help struggling children and families in our community get through the Covid-19 crisis. A Precious Child is most in need of monetary donations, which allows them to effectively divide funds to where it’s needed the most. A Precious Child can use their buying power, to get items into their warehouse in bulk and at a cheaper price. If you have the means to make a monetary donation at this time, please consider A Precious Child. $50 will sponsor a cleaning kit for a family with one month of supplies, $30 will sponsor a baby hygiene kit for an infant with one month of supplies and just $17 will sponsor a hygiene kit for an individual with two weeks of supplies. CLICK HERE to make a donation.
  2. Food Bank of the Rockies: Food Banks are in need of donations now more than ever. With many people’s wages being cut due to COVID-19, demands have spiked over the last few weeks. Food Bank of the Rockies is looking monetary donations to help them purchase food at wholesale prices or less through the Feeding America network.  If you have the means to donate, or are interested in hosting a virtual donation drive for Food Bank of the Rockies, please CLICK HERE. 
  3. Help Colorado Now: Help Colorado Now is looking for volunteers to help at risk individuals in our state. They are specifically seeking volunteers who can share reliable information, provide virtual support, deliver food, medication and medical supplies and help with daily tasks for people who live alone. To get involved please CLICK HERE. 
  4. Project Angel Heart: Project Angel Heart’s clients are already facing life-threatening health conditions, and are among the most vulnerable people in our state, so Project Angel Heart is taking extra precautions to keep them, their volunteers, and their staff safe and healthy. They are closely monitoring guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and they are taking actions to limit the risk of the virus affecting anyone associated with their program. Their kitchen will be preparing and freezing extra meals in case a shortage of volunteers or staff limits their capacity. They will also be delivering a small supply of shelf-stable meals to clients in case they face a situation where their meal distribution process must be delayed or canceled. Want to help? Project Angel Heart could really use your help in covering the unexpected costs associated with providing shelf-stable, emergency meals.  CLICK HERE to donate.
  5. Westminster Legacy Foundation: The most effective means of support is through a cash donation. If you choose to make a cash donation, the WLF will primarily use these funds to purchase food for high-risk individuals and families, which volunteers will safely deliver to these households and support local food banks and pantries so they can purchase the supplies they need. CLICK HERE to donate now and select “Coronavirus Relief.” The Westminster Legacy Foundation has additional ways you can give back available on their website. CLICK HERE to be taken to the WLF Coronavirus relief page.

Together we will get through this.