RSS Insurance is a family-owned business with its foundation strongly built upon the traditional principles of integrity, honesty, professionalism, community and generosity – ALWAYS delivered with a personal touch.  As owners of the agency (Aaron and Sara), we know what our agency stands for and why we hope individuals and businesses would want to utilize our services, but we wondered, what does our team think about it?
At one of our last monthly team meetings we asked our staff, “If someone asked you why they should do business with you or RSS, what would you say? What makes us different? How are you or our agency different than the thousands of other agents/agencies a client could contact?” We thought we’d share some of the responses we got from our team.

Jessica  “When you call in, you get to speak to me personally and I will always make sure you’re connected with the right person.”

Stephanie  “I’m here to help you understand insurance and why you are purchasing certain coverages. I love to help clients walk through each coverage and make sure they’re happy while doing it in a timely manner.”
Malinda “Our clients have an entire team that works for them and looks out for their best interest. When a client calls our office, they know who they will talk to. If they go to a company directly they might talk to a different person every time. In that situation they would need to explain their situation over and over again. When they contact our office, their CSR or agent knows the whole story/background about what they need.”
Dena “At RSS we’re honest, experienced, trustworthy and offer many choices.”

Michelle “I care. I care that clients are personally taken care of and  that I find the right product for them. I will treat them with the same respect I would like to receive.”

Elisabeth “I really take all of my clients’ situations and needs and make them personal.  I treat clients how I would want my family to be treated or taken care of when they need insurance.  I hope clients can feel my smile through the phone.”
Greg  “It’s about reliability and support. When you buy a car, you want to be certain it’s going to start and stop when you need it to. When you purchase an insurance policy you want to be certain it’ll be there to protect you in the event of a claim. Customers can rely on us to assist them in acquiring the coverage they need to protect them when the unexpected occurs. Also, it’s much easier and comforting to know that navigating the difficult times in our lives doesn’t need to be done alone. Being there to support our customers and to act as another voice in negotiations with the carrier can be an invaluable asset.”
Anna  We provide customers with the highest-quality, personalized service experience, backed by our dedication to stay informed of changes and trends in the insurance industry in order to help our customers make the best-informed decisions regarding their insurance needs. We truly care about doing our utmost for our clients”
Katy  “We can advocate for our clients in claims situations. We care about them on a deeper level than just another policy.”
Christina  “People want to work with RSS because we take the time to learn about our customers’ business and/or personal insurance need and build a comprehensive program. We don’t try to fit them into a one size fits all box or send them to a website to quote their own policy.  They aren’t treated as a premium payment or a policy number.”
Cathy  “When you do business with RSS you get years of experience and expertise from our agents. Also, you will be doing business with a local company that is very involved in the community.”
It sounds like our team gets it and cares about our customers and what’s most important. We hope you get a chance to meet some of the great people at RSS, and we hope you will not only experience how much we care about each of our customers individually, but you will feel how much we care about each other and the community around us. We’re proud of our legacy of experience and product knowledge, but we also pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers and our community.