Their Mission:  We help families thrive by efficiently procuring and distributing food and essentials to the hungry through our programs and partner agencies.
We are excited to announce that our agency has selected Food Bank of the Rockies as our third quarter (July, August and September) Charity of the Quarter again in 2020!  During these months RSS will donate $10.00 for every referral we receive to Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR). We created our continuing referral program  in order to support the charitable work of numerous non-profit organizations. We are very excited to raise support for FBR.

With the current Covid-19 crisis, critical service providers, such as Food Bank of the Rockies, are needed now, more than ever before. Food Bank of the Rockies’ will continue operations through this crisis. Since mid-March, Food Bank of the Rockies has seen an entirely new level of food insecurity in our communities. They have provided millions of pounds to thousands of people throughout Colorado and Wyoming.They are are serving many people who have lost their jobs and are facing food insecurity for the first time. More than 30 percent of the people they’re serving report never needing food assistance before this crisis,  and families who were already vulnerable have found themselves in dire need.

They’re distributing more than 4 million pounds of nutritious food each month across the region. Overall their food distribution is now up 90% from just 3 months ago!

Food Bank of the Rockies runs a very  efficient organization, using less than 4 cents of every dollar for administration. 96 cents of every dollar contributed goes towards food distribution. And every dollar they receive provides four meals for our hungry Coloradans.

RSS will not only be donating $10 for every referral we receive, but will also be partnering with Food Bank of the Rockies numerous other ways over the coming months.

We will be hosting a virtual food drive for FBR during July, August and September.  Click HERE to donate. (Did you know only 3% of the food FBR distributes comes from food drives?  With their purchasing power and network of wholesale, retail, farm and ranch donors, they able to do much more with a monetary donation.) The RSS team will also be volunteering locally with Food Bank of the Rockies in September. To learn about our time volunteering with Food Bank of the Rockies last year, CLICK HERE.

We will keep you updated on opportunities to participate with us over the next couple of months. Our agency looks forward to partnering with Food Bank of the Rockies, supporting their organization, helping those in dire need right now, and promoting their mission in Colorado.

Source:  Food Bank of the Rockies