We live in an interesting time and in an interesting world. We have everything at our fingertips. We can Google or search for anything we need. We can easily call a 1-800 number for a variety of services and never have to deal with anyone face to face or create a relationship with a real person. Take it a step further and we can use an app or online service to purchase almost anything we need, even insurance.  In fact, a new insurance startup called Lemonade is taking the insurance purchasing experience to a whole new level and removing ALL human contact and assistance by utilizing what they call “artificial intelligence insurance bots.”
As of now, Lemonade is only licensed in New York State, but has filed to become licensed in 46 more states in 2017.   Lemonade uses software, called bots, to deliver insurance through its app and on their website.  Consumers can also file claims with the bot without any human intervention or assistance.  The company plans for rapid expansion as they will avoid hiring human personnel, as they staff their company with bots.
We think it’s amazing what opportunities and access technology gives us today. It’s great! We know that many people will and do choose to purchase insurance in this manner. We’re happy when there are many options available when purchasing any product. That’s how it should be.
Technology makes it possible for us to run our business in an efficient manner, allows us to connect with our clients easier, and enables us to provide numerous quote options in a more expedient manner. There’s no doubt technology greatly benefits us all. However, we believe our agency has many other important attributes for our current and potential clients to consider.
We pride ourselves on being accessible, local, and in our community. We want to get to know our customers and find out what they need individually. We prioritize relationship with our clients and want to provide the best coverage at the best price we can find. We care about the community and the world around us. We are involved with local and national charities and organizations that benefit those around us locally and globally. Our values motivate us to want to share what we have with others in an effort to improve lives and better the world.
While we communicate with our clients through phone and email, we truly enjoy having our customers stop by our office to say hi or to meet with us. We believe there are also many other benefits our local independent agency has to offer:

  • We are able to be competitive with any online, app, or direct carrier and provide our customers with numerous options since we represent over  60 companies. We will search for the best combination of price and coverage.
  • If you have a claim or service issues with the insurance carrier, we can represent you and help out when needed.
  • We can work with you individually to help explain the different types of insurance and determine your unique needs.
  • We offer you a choice of insurance plans and programs; we offer our clients “one-stop shopping” since we can provide quotes/policies for every type of insurance: personal, commercial, health or life.
  • We periodically review your coverage to keep it current.

Now can an “artificial intelligence bot” do all of that? Not even close. While some consumers may enjoy the benefits of purchasing their insurance though a “bot”, we know there are many more who want to know that they have someone on their side looking out for their best interest, who are involved in the local community, and whom they can contact personally. We hope you agree.
Check out this video from one of our premier insurance companies, Central Insurance.  It does a great job explaining why an independent agent is beneficial to insurance consumers.