Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.54.18 AMAs we continue to describe our agency and what we stand for as a business to our customers, potential customers, friends and community, we thought it was about time we explain what our tagline, “Professional Insurance Services with a Personal Touch,” means to us. Since 1967, the guiding principle of Richards, Seeley & Schaefer has been “Professional Insurance Services with a Personal Touch,” and it became part of our mission statement and our official tagline in 1995. Over the years we have considered revising or updating our tagline, or motto if you will, but we firmly believe that it accurately describes our goal as a business.
On the surface, the statement is pretty straight forward. Our employees and agents conduct themselves in a professional manner, providing service to our clients in a personal way on a local level. However, we’d like to dig a bit deeper to uncover more depth and give you more insight as to why we feel this statement fits our standard perfectly. Each word has specific significance that we’d like to share with you.
Professional: The meaning of this word is two-fold. The definition of professional is as follows:
1. Person formally certified by a professional body or belonging to a specific profession by virtue of having  completed a required course of studies and/or practice, and whose competence can usually be measured against an established set of standards.
2. Person who has achieved an acclaimed level of proficiency in a calling or trade.
Professional describes the RSS staff accurately. We are insurance experts with years of training and knowledge. All 16 of our staff members in our office are licensed in insurance in the state of Colorado. We have licensing in property, casualty, health, life, and surplus lines. We are continually learning and taking courses and also have expertise and knowledge in specialty fields.
Secondly, this word describes how we conduct ourselves. At RSS, we put our customers first, follow exceptional guiding principles, attempt to communicate effectively, keep abreast of the continuing market changes in our field, and advise our clients proficiently on insurance topics.
Service: Service is defined as the work performed by one that serves, or to be of help, use, or benefit to others. Again, we feel as though this term accurately describes our staff. We are dedicated to providing excellent service or help to our clients in order to be helpful and to benefit
Personal: To be personal means to relate to someone on a more familiar level. It also means to be available face-to-face. To meet with someone in person. We also interpret this to mean that we are available to and part of the local community. At RSS we not only care about each of our customers individually, but we care about each other and the community around us. We’re proud of our legacy of experience and product knowledge, but we also want to be known for our relationships with our customers and our community with whom we come in contact. This leads us to the last word, “touch.”
Touch: This word means to come into contact with someone or something. We also feel strongly about this word as well. We want our customers to know us and we want to know them. We welcome our customers to stop by and say, “Hi” and to meet with us personally in our office. We also have implemented and utilize today’s technology and social media to keep in contact with our customers. Our customers can keep up with us on our website, our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We also send a monthly e-newsletter, and are working on a quarterly mailed newsletter. Whew! That’s a lot, but we want to be available in whatever format and however our customers want to connect with us. We think it’s important.
We have also dedicated ourselves to helping out the community around us. You can check out one of our “touch-points” to see what we’re up to in the community or how you can help.
As we take the time to reflect on our guiding principle, “Professional Insurance Service with a Personal Touch,” we feel that this simple statement still accurately describes our agency. This tagline will continue to be the principle for which we strive to aim our business for many years to come. Our goal is for every one of our customers to feel as though we are successful in realizing our mission statement. We hope that you find that we’ve met your expectations and continue to do so.