With a new look and new name, comes a new tagline.

We are so excited about the new look and new name we rolled out for our agency this summer! We hope you like it too! Earlier this year, as we evaluated our agency and what we wanted to communicate to our clients and community, we also decided it was time to update our agency tagline. So, along with our new logo and name, we unveiled our new tagline:

 Protection, Taken Personally.

Put another way, it’s our “promise” to our customers. We’d like to share what “Protection, Taken Personally” means to us and why we are incorporating it into all of our new communication, literature, social media and on our new website (coming soon). After much consideration, we decided that the phrase, “Protection, Taken Personally,” encapsulates not only the services we provide, but how we do business, treat our clients, and view everything we do.  Let us explain.

At RSS we like to think that we’re a beacon people can value and trust. We are honest, genuine people who always have others’ best interests at heart. At the end of the day, what matters most to us, is protecting those we care about.  Protecting our children, our employees, our community, and our clients. Protecting them from the damage of life’s most unplanned, hard moments.

To us, this is a deeply personal mission-and it’s one that we think makes RSS unique and special in a world of 1-800 numbers, greed, and insurance sameness. We approach every client partnership as a personal relationship built on compassion, utmost trust, and indispensable advice.  Our personal approach to insuring businesses, individuals, families, and their assets is the foundation of everything we do at RSS. We are insurance partners, never peddlers. Every suggestion we make comes from a place of integrity and consideration for your unique, personal needs and never ours.

At RSS, we proudly carry on the legacy of principles our agency was built upon over the last 51 years. These values are the lifeblood of our work and the foundation of the care we show our clients every day. Our service is built on values, rooted in expertise, and driven by care.  Put simply it’s,  Protection, Taken Personally.