Their Mission: Helping hungry men, women and children thrive by providing food and essentials through their programs and partner agencies.

On September 6th, RSS sent a team of 12 people down to the Food Bank of the Rockies warehouse to volunteer. We spent the afternoon packing boxes of food through FBR’s reclamation program. This entailed inspecting, cleaning, sorting and boxing items received through food drives and grocery rescue so they can then be distributed to clients. 

We were tasked with packing 25 pound boxes.  Food Bank of the Rockies then sells them at a rate of 10-12 cents per pound to community partners like churches, schools, community food pantries and other local partners. This means that they can purchase a 25 pound box of food for only $2.50!! 

We had such a great time working as a team and were shocked to learn that in a fairly short time we packed just under 3 tons of food items! (To be exact we packed 216 cases of food totaling 5,400 pounds.)  We learned that this would feed approximately 17,460 individuals or 4,365 families of four in our community.  It was so fulfilling to hear that our team shared a part in having such an impact on Coloradans who struggle to put food on their table every day. 

Our group truly enjoyed the afternoon and we are looking forward to another opportunity to serve with Food Bank of the Rockies in the future. We encourage you to learn more about the great work Food Bank of the Rockies is doing in our community and in our state. Don’t forget, as our Charity of the Quarter, we will be send FBR $10 for every referral we receive from our clients, friends and family. Thank you for your support!