A Precious Child and Young Learners in Colorado Need Your Help!

fill a backpackThe number of children living at or below the federal poverty rate has grown faster in Colorado than anywhere else in the nation. One of the most important factors in bringing children out of poverty is education and academic success. A Precious Child’s Fill A Backpack Program strives to maximize academic potential for disadvantaged and displaced children  by ensuring they have the supplies necessary to start school prepared to succeed. In 2017, A Precious Child’s goal is to provide more than 12,000 backpacks filled with supplies to children in need.  Our agency has chosen to become a “Backpack Sponsor” again this year to help support the amazing work A Precious Child is doing to help kids in our state.   We would love for our friends and clients to join us in helping kids succeed in Colorado!
Fill A Backpack provides thousands of underprivileged children with the school supplies they need to go back to school and maximize their academic success. Each year, each of the Fill A Backpack students – who attend schools throughout the Denver Metro area – receives a backpack filled with new school supplies. While APC collects items all year long, June 26th-August 25th is when APC collects a majority of their supplies in order to send needy kids off to school in August prepared.
Be a collection site for school supplies
Sponsor a child!
Sponsor a class!
Sponsor a school!
Purchase and donate school supplies (See List)
Volunteer to help fill backpacks
Volunteer to help deliver backpacks
Please contact A Precious Child directly in order to set up volunteer time, to become a collection site, or to sponsor a school, class or child.  Please feel free to drop off purchased school supplies at our office and we will deliver them to A Precious Child, or drop them off directly at their facility in Broomfield.  Please consider helping children in our community succeed in school with confidence.  Thank you for your help.
Source: A Precious Child