komen_logo Their Vision: to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality  care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

Our agency has selected Susan G. Komen Colorado as our third quarter (July, August and September) Charity of the Quarter.  During these months RSS will donate $10.00 for every referral we receive to Susan G. Komen Colorado (Komen Colorado). We created our referral program at the end of last year in order to support the charitable work of numerous non-profit organizations. We are very excited to partner with Komen Colorado!
Nancy Brinker established Susan G. Komen® in memory of her sister who died of breast cancer. Today, Komen is the global leader of the breast cancer movement investing hundreds of millions of dollars each year for research, education, screening and treatment and encouraging governments everywhere to make cancer a top priority.
In 2014, the Denver Affiliate merged with the Aspen Affiliate to form Susan G. Komen Colorado to carry out Komen’s mission – to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. Komen Colorado serves 72% of Colorado’s population in a 22-county service area.
Seventy-five percent of net proceeds raised by Komen Colorado are invested in our community in the form of grants. In the funding cycle between April 1, 2014  and March 31, 2015, Komen Colorado funded 28 projects, totaling over $2 million, funding services like screening navigation, mammograms, diagnostics, chemotherapy, and mastectomies through qualified grantees. Since their inception Susan G. Komen Colorado has:

  • Educated 93,418 about breast cancer and the importance of early detection
  • Provided screening services to 68,408, including 28,252 clinical breast exams and 40,156 mammograms
  • Provided diagnostics services 19,241 people who needed additional follow-up care
  • Detected 433 cases of breast cancer through the above screening services
  • Provided treatment services to 1,436 people fighting breast cancer

We are impressed with the impact that Komen Colorado has had in our state and the difference they may be able to make in the lives of Colorado women in the future. We also hope to use this quarter to educate and raise awareness about all forms of breast cancer, common and rare alike. Our agency looks forward to partnering with Komen Colorado in the coming months, supporting their organization, and promoting breast cancer education among women.
We will not only be donating $10 for every referral we receive, but also looking for ways we can support them in a more “hands-on” way locally. We will keep you updated on opportunities to participate with us or will let you know how our staff has been able to help Komen Colorado in a tangible way.
Source: Susan G. Komen Colorado