In recognition of National Get to Know Your Customers Day, we recently sat down with one of our incredible clients, Broomfield FISH, for an in-depth conversation about their services and how Covid-19 has affected their program offerings over the past year.

The team at Broomfield FISH found renewed strength and purpose through the many challenges the Covid-19 pandemic presented. In fact, the amount of support they offered our community throughout these difficult and uncertain times is truly incredible. Consider these statistics:

In 2020:
45% MORE FOOD was distributed, amounting to 1,547,365 POUNDS of food total


To watch the Broomfield FISH 2020 recap video, please click HERE. 


The pandemic changed the way many of the FISH programs operate, including the way their participants receive their food. 

Due to covid-19 restrictions, they had to close their marketplace, which had served as an in-person shopping model, and switch to an outdoor, drive-through distribution system. Currently, they distribute pre-packaged boxes of food based upon family size and need. Because this creates less choice for participants, FISH regularly conducts surveys to ensure they supply the most needed and in-demand items. The Broomfield FISH team is hoping to re-open their marketplace this summer. 



Currently, the best way to help Broomfield FISH’s mission is to either volunteer or make a monetary donation. Typically FISH hosts food drives to collect food for their participants, however, due to to Covid-19, food drives have been too difficult to manage due to various restrictions as well as volunteer capacity regulations. 

To make a monetary donation, click HERE

To volunteer, click HERE.  


As you can see below, Broomfield FISH also collects baby necessities, such as diapers and formula, as well as sanitary items. They also collect and recycle plastic bags, and they offer gluten free and vegan meal options for those with dietary restrictions. 

We’d like to thank the Broomfield FISH team for taking the time to chat with us and show us around their facility. They are truly a wonderful and caring group of people that are dedicated to helping our community.

They even encouraged one of our advisors and new mamas, Stephanie Gonzales, to bring her newborn along for the tour! (pictured on the left).

We are extremely appreciative of all that the Broomfield FISH team does for those struggling in our community, and we encourage you to support their mission in any way you can.