Time is running out! You need to enroll for health insurance by January 12th  for 2018 coverage.
Enrollment and effective dates are as follows:

  • Enroll by December 15th for January 1st coverage
  • Enroll by January 12th for February 1st coverage

**VERY IMPORTANT** Open Enrollment for purchasing health insurance for 2017 ends January 12th!  You DO NOT want to miss the open enrollment period. If you would like to make changes in your health insurance coverage, you must do so during this period.  Many carriers have indicated that they will NOT be auto-renewing policies even if no changes are made.  Please contact our office to update your plan selection. Also, if you do not currently have coverage, you MUST purchase coverage during this enrollment period.  IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE HEALTH INSURANCE DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO GET COVERAGE AGAIN UNTIL JANUARY 2019 unless you have a qualifying event (birth, marriage, loss of coverage).
If you are receiving a tax credit for your health insurance plan, it’s time for a midyear checkup. If your income, family size, or job status has changed, the IRS is urging people to report it to avoid any confusion come tax time. How you are receiving your tax credit and any income fluctuations may require you to do some reconciliation on your 2017 taxes. Please note that if you do not have coverage in place in 2018 you will be subject to IRS penalties. You can read about IRS penalty calculations HERE.
Please review any plan you select or renew for provider changes. Each year the provider networks can change so it is always good to check the list of providers with the Carriers that you are interested in.  Please note: Cigna is not offering the Vantage with Local Plus Network, so please look at the list of providers if you decide to stay with them as the networks are not the same.   Also, if you are applying through C4HCO it is still best to use the Carriers websites to view the list of providers.
Please contact our office for more information or if you need assistance with any of your 2018 health insurance questions at healthsales@rss-insurance.com or 303-429-3561 ext. 117.