Do What You Love, Love What You Do

DoWhatYouLoveWe LOVE what we do at RSS Insurance! We love that we are TOTALLY different from almost ALL of the other insurance agencies out there.  We come across many people who are completely unfamiliar with the term and concept of an independent insurance agency. They want to know which insurance company we represent.  Are we Farmers? State Farm? Geico?  We always answer with a big, resounding NO!  We represent over 60 insurance carriers!  We offer so much more and in our opinion,  what we provide is so much better than any of the direct agents out there.  We’d like to explain to you the differences between independent agencies (like RSS) and direct writer agencies and why we think we have so much more to offer our clients.
As an independent insurance agency we have the freedom to offer our clients many choices and many types of policies.  We are not tied to any one insurance carrier.  For example, a State Farm agent can ONLY place policies for their clients with State Farm.  That’s right, when you call them you will get one price only and their agents are limited to offering only State Farm products.  These types of insurance agents are called “direct writers” or “direct agents.”  Maybe you’ve seen the funny print or television ads from Trusted Choice poking fun at direct agents for having limited options by showing them strapped up with duct tape or being trapped in a bird cage.  We’ve included a full commercial from Trusted Choice for you to check out below. While silly, these ads make a very valid point-direct agents don’t have options; their hands are tied.  Guess what?  At RSS we have MANY, MANY options!

An independent insurance agency is an agency that is not contractually obligated to only sell products from one carrier.  We are “independent.” (We are also a Trusted Choice agency.)We can represent as many companies as we find prudent, feasible and in the best interest of our clients and our agency.  Many agencies have a difficult time finding insurance companies that will allow them a contract due to their inexperience or size.  Since our agency has been in business for over 50 years and we have a great reputation in the insurance industry, we enjoy the ability to represent many of the finest companies in the country. In fact we represent over 60 of the best insurance companies in the nation, which translates into an exceptional number of options from which we can choose the best coverage and pricing for our clients.
We are also very proud of the fact that we offer “one stop shopping” for our clients.  While many agencies only have the ability to advise or focus on one type of insurance, RSS has assembled an amazing team of agents and customer service personnel to provide you with insurance advice and policies for almost every type of insurance you could possibly need.  We assist our clients from everything from auto and home insurance, to small business insurance, health insurance, or even complicated and specialized insurance programs for our larger corporate clients.
Perhaps being independent is one of the reasons our RSS insurance team loves what they do so much.  We can focus on YOU, our client, by finding the best coverage and price from our many carriers, to best fit YOUR needs.  Every day we focus on representing our customers by providing customized insurance in a professional and cost-efficient manner, minimizing the costs of insurance while maximizing the protection provided.
We get to do what we love…helping our clients protect what matters most! We know we would never want to be limited by being able to offer only one  insurance coverage and price option.  So we ask you, “Why would YOU ever want to be offered only one option when shopping for insurance?”