Robbie (in teal shirt) pictured with some RSS team members after a Wellness Meeting earlier in June.

At RSS, we believe everyone should have access to a healthy lifestyle. This belief stems from RSS owners, Aaron and Sara Hoffman,  who, over the past couple of years have consistently made fitness a priority in their life. Aaron and Sara contribute much of their success to the fitness and nutrition plan they began at the beginning of 2017, with personal trainer, Robbie Stickle. Earlier in 2018 they generously decided to share some of their healthy lifestyle knowledge with the entire RSS team by bringing Robbie into the office on a monthly basis as a wellness consultant.
Robbie established monthly “Wellness Meetings” at the office and set personal fitness goals for each member of the RSS team, and the results have been incredible. In addition to the meetings, Robbie started a private Facebook page for the RSS Wellness Program. The page provides workouts, tips, meal ideas, interesting fitness and nutrition facts, quotes, and contest opportunities. Robbie also provides text, email, and private message support to all RSS team members participating in the program.
We thought it would be fun to let everyone get to know Robbie and her training perspective better, so we interviewed her about her thoughts on health and fitness.  We’ve provided her responses below.
What got you interested in fitness coaching and training?
“I played soccer from three years old through college and always had fun with being an athlete and working out. When I was 16 years old I tore my ACL and had to go through knee surgery and rehab to get back into soccer. I had so much fun rehabbing my knee that I decided I wanted to go to school to be a physical therapist. While I was working as a personal trainer at Colorado State University in order to become a physical therapist, I decided that changing lives as a personal trainer was the right career for me.”
What is the key to a healthy lifestyle?
“The key to a healthy lifestyle is moderation. Do and eat everything you love in moderation. Stick to as many unprocessed foods as possible but if it’s your birthday-eat your birthday cake! Always strength train and get in cardio, but make sure you are having fun with it, whether it’s swimming, hiking, boxing, circuit training…make sure you enjoy it!”
Where do you get your recipe and workout ideas?
“I love making up my own recipes, but when I search the internet I turn to, and I have been training clients for 10 years now, so I have a huge library of workouts in my head, but I enjoy learning new things from other trainers, searching YouTube for new techniques, and just being creative on my own to find new ways to hit each muscle group and get results from it!”
What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their fitness journey?
“Start slow and try new things until you find what you enjoy. Eat tons of fruits, veggies and lean proteins and don’t ever starve yourself. “Eat more to lose more” is exactly right. One must give their body the proper nutrients in order for it to change. It’s not an all or nothing gig-if you miss a workout that doesn’t mean you might as well eat ice cream for dinner…rather if you miss a workout make sure you eat extra nutritious foods. The biggest thing is to make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle…I promise you won’t regret it!!”
“Fitness is not about being better than someone else…It’s about being better than you used to be.”