RenaPicRSS welcomed Rena and her wealth of health insurance industry knowledge to our agency in June of 2016. Rena has worked in the health benefits industry for over 12 years and is licensed not only health and life, but also in property and casualty insurance as well. She is a Colorado native and grew up in Denver with a large family that is now spread out across the US. She decided to stay in our state with her 10-year old daughter Shelby.
Rena loves the outdoors and staying active. She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, snowboarding, biking, working out, swimming and boating. She says her all-time favorite scent is that of campfire smoke. She loves spending her time with family and also enjoys watching sports. (Mostly football and hockey.)
She says she is passionate about everything she sets her mind to and loves to try and experience new things, and always gives it her all. She believes that life has many opportunities and those opportunities provide life lessons she can use to better herself. We are very excited to welcome Rena to our team and look forward to our clients getting the opportunity to meet her!