Richards, Seeley & Schaefer, Inc., also known as RSS Insurance. A business yes, but also 19 individual people with values, principles, interests and beliefs. We believe that how we live our lives and interact with others personally and as a team, plays an important role in how we conduct our business, treat our clients, and relate to their needs.  We want our agency to reflect who we are as individuals and for our clients to experience our values first hand. We don’t want to just be your insurance agent, but to be your trusted advisor, advocate and valued expert in protecting what’s important to you.  In order for our clients to be confident in us we think they need to know who we are, what motivates us and what we believe. We’d like to share six principles that drive us as an agency on a daily basis.

  • Community  When most people say they are local they mean they have an office in your community. While that is true of us, when we say we are local we mean we are part of your community. The team at RSS cares about the community and the world around us. We support our local community and beyond in order to better the lives of others. We are involved with local and national charities and organizations that benefit those around us locally and globally. Our values motivate us to want to share what we have with others in an effort to improve lives and better the world. Check out our charity-centered referral program, or read our blog to see how we were directly involved in numerous charities this year. Also, please let us know if you’re interested in joining us in the future when we volunteer or coordinate other opportunities to give back.
  • Teamwork  At RSS teamwork is key. All of our agency team members (that’s what we call our employees and agents) are licensed and trained insurance professionals in the state of Colorado (and our agency and some agents are licensed in as many as 18 states). We have designed our team and our agency so that our clients not only have the advice and assistance of their agent, but also a designated and specialized account manager/CSR to help them with any needs or questions they may have. Our service team members are specialized and licensed in commercial insurance, personal insurance or health and life insurance in order to best assist our clients.  Our team works seamlessly together with each other for our clients along all lines of insurance.
  • Communication  At RSS we believe relationships are very important. In fact, most experts would agree that communication is the key to a healthy, growing relationship. We strive to build relationship with each and every client.  In order for you to feel comfortable with our RSS team and for us to gain your trust, you need to get to know us. We’ve created numerous ways for our clients to stay connected with us and for RSS to communicate in return. If you do not currently subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, please contact us and we will add you to our list. You can also stay updated with us through our blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, InstagramPinterest and Google+.
  • Honesty  We conduct ourselves at RSS in a fair and straightforward manner. We don’t take short cuts, we don’t twist or cover up the facts, and we don’t misrepresent our customers or our insurance carriers. Our reputation and our integrity is very important to us. We want our companies and customers to trust us implicitly. Our entire team will conduct themselves honestly every day. We expect our companies and customers to hold us to that promise. Read our Honesty Promise HERE
  • Integrity  What we say about ourselves means a lot and we take it seriously here at RSS. One of the core values you may find on our website or on our materials is the word INTEGRITY. To us, this word speaks volumes. It’s how we do life, it’s who we are. Here’s how the dictionary defines integrity:       1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. “He is known to be a man of integrity.” Synonyms: honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness. There’s a lot of meaning packed into the word integrity. It encompasses many traits all in one word. We try our best to instill in our entire team how important this one word is to us. It saddens us that statistics show that consumer trust runs especially low in the insurance industry. It is our goal that our customers WILL NEVER feel that way.
  • Professionalism/”Doing It Right”  Our focus is to represent you, our client, by providing customized insurance in a professional and cost-efficient manner, minimizing the costs of insurance while maximizing the protection provided. We specifically designed our team structure so we can give our clients the most expertise and best advice and assistance possible.  Our team members specialize in all lines of insurance- personal lines, commercial lines, health  and life insurance and benefits.  With so many experienced professionals in our office we are truly able to assist our clients with pretty much any insurance question or need they may have. We want to makes sure that each and every customer is assisted fully and properly. [/checklist]

As you get to know our staff at RSS, we hope you will not only experience how much we care about each of our customers individually, but you will feel how much we care about each other and the community around us. We’re proud of our legacy of experience and product knowledge, but we also want to be known for our relationships with our customers and our community with whom we come in contact.
If you feel that we’ve fallen short of any of these key attributes, please let us know.  You are our priority and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the highest quality insurance coverages and client service every day.