Where does Richards, Seeley & Schaefer, Inc. get it’s name?

NewRSSLogoOnlyRichards, Seeley & Schaefer, Inc. While a mouthful to say for sure, our name has a history and a legacy of which we’re very proud. If you aren’t familiar with us or our tag line, “Professional Insurance Services with a Personal Touch,”  you may think we’re a law or accounting firm. As we continue to communicate who we are and what we believe to our clients and the community, we thought it would be interesting to explain our background and how our three “namesakes” all played a role in who we are today.
Ron Richards and Jerry Seeley founded our agency in 1967 as the Richards-Seeley Agency. Ron and Jerry met at a Safeco Insurance training center in 1962. Jerry Seeley was a Safeco employee training new agents in Safeco products and Ron Richards was a Farmers Insurance agent wanting to start his own agency representing Safeco Insurance. While Ron learned about the Safeco brand and products, Jerry and Ron started up a friendship. Ron became a Safeco agent after completing his training and worked on his own for several years. In 1967, Ron convinced Jerry to join him and the Richards-Seeley Agency began. Through the years they began to add numerous insurance carriers to their independent agency and their experience and integrity in the Westminster community grew.
In 1988 a disabling illness caused Jerry Seeley to sell his 50% of stock to Ron Richards. Sadly, Jerry Seeley passed away in 1992. Ron continued to run the agency for several years before selling the Richards-Seeley Agency to Ernie Schaefer in 1995.
PlaqueErnie Schaefer’s background and decision to become an independent insurance agency owner differs a bit from Mr. Richards and Mr. Seeley. Ernie spent 22 years employed by the Hartford Insurance Company prior to purchasing our agency. He started as a commercial underwriter for Hartford and left as the youngest ever Regional Vice President. Ernie knew that he wanted to stay in Colorado, had had enough of corporate travelling, and determined that he wanted to work directly with clients on the agency side. He spent a year researching and looking before he found the Richards-Seeley Agency. Ernie Schaefer purchased the agency in January of 1995 and added his surname; thus the agency became Richards, Seeley & Schaefer, Inc.
Ernie spent 20 years growing our agency through his experience and expertise in the insurance industry. His knowledge and integrity led both our customers and insurance carriers to trust our agency and helped us create the reputation we have today. As part of that 20 year history, Ernie’s son-in-law and daughter, Aaron and Sara Hoffman worked alongside him, joining Richards, Seeley & Schaefer in 1996 and 1997 respectively.
imageAaron spent the last 20 years gaining tremendous amounts of technical and practical experience in both insurance product and agency management. Sara primarily spent that time managing the agency’s accounting and finances. In January of 2015, Aaron and Sara purchased the agency from Ernie. Ernie continues to consult and work with clients, but now has more flexibility and time to pursue his hobbies and to travel extensively with his wife Terry.
As you may have noticed, the name did not change this time upon the ownership transition. Aaron and Sara are very proud of the agency’s legacy and history and have no plans to change the original name. Aaron and Sara continue on with the agency’s founding pillars of experience, integrity and honesty, and have added community and generosity to their values.
While our name may still be Richards, Seeley & Schaefer, you may begin to see us utilize our dba (doing business as) name of RSS Insurance Services more often. We’re beginning to use this name more for three primary reasons.

  1. Richards, Seeley & Schaefer is a lot to say. RSS is simply easier for our employees, agents and customers.
  2. We want people to know what we do. We think having “Insurance Services” in the name is important.
  3. In this day and age of social media and online content and email, Richards, Seeley and Schaefer is just too long to fit into most software and programs.

Richards, Seeley & Schaefer is made up of over 50 years of history and experience. We hope you’ll agree that in honor of our original agency founders and thus our name, we continue to successfully carry on and exemplify our pillars of experience, integrity, honesty, and now community and generosity.