ShortTerm SignHealth insurance open enrollment for 2016 health insurance coverage ended on January 31st. Did you get your coverage in place? Unfortunately, because of Affordable Care Act restrictions those who have missed the cutoff date now face another ten months without insurance coverage and may be subject to IRS penalties.
However, you are not completely out of luck! You still have a health insurance option for this year. Our agency can help you put in place a short-term medical insurance policy. These policies can be put in place for a minimum of 30 days up to a maximum of six months with one six month renewal allowed. The short-term policy basically works as a catastrophic coverage policy.  These policies will allow you to  choose your deductible, coinsurance and maximum out of pocket limit .
Unfortunately, these short term plans are not compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), so the insurance carrier will exclude any pre-existing conditions you may have, and you will still be subject to IRS penalties. (You can read about IRS penalty calculations HERE.)  Short-term medical plans will be effective within 24 hours of approval of the submitted application date. For more information or questions about options, please contact Elisabeth Robbins, our Individual/Family Health Account Manager at or 303-429-3561 ext. 117.