Making Your Job Easier So You Can Get Back to Work!

We are excited to announce that RSS has invested in an HR administration platform for our current clients called Ease! Ease  allows employers to easily manage employee benefits, on-boarding, and compliance in one central location. The Ease solution makes the process of communicating, managing, and enrolling your employees in your group benefits plan much easier.
Current and new employees can view and complete their required documents and enroll in all benefits plans in one place.  The use of this portal will dramatically cut down on enrollment time by eliminating paper forms, reducing errors, while also giving  you access to real-time updates about open enrollment progress.  With Ease, employers can:

  • Replace the old task of handing out enrollment forms.
  • Access individual copies of enrollment forms or batches of all employee or all carrier enrollment forms.
  • Eliminate the need to follow up with employees who provide incomplete forms.
  • Monitor enrollment progress and communicate with employees during the enrollment window.
  • Manage qualifying events for employees needing to make mid-year changes.
  • Generate census reports. (Employers can view such items as who enrolled in past or current years.)
  • Easily reconcile a carrier invoice using on demand summary reports.
  • Generate a payroll deduction summary for all plans including pre-tax and post-tax per pay period deductions.
  • Allow employees to access employer loadable HR documents like employee handbooks, employer-provided documents and information, or policy schedules any time in an online benefits library.
  • Provide online access to plan summaries or documents such as network provider directories.
  • Dynamically display benefit costs to employees as they make their benefit choices.
  • Provide Total Compensation Statements that communicate benefit contributions and costs in addition to employee compensation.

We are very excited to be offering this comprehensive and beneficial online enrollment platform. Not only are we offering this portal for free to our current clients, but we will also completely set up your online enrollment portal with your company logo and employee information.  Once you have selected your benefits package and carriers for the year, RSS will upload all rates and information onto your online enrollment site. We encourage you to view the informative video below, describing the benefits and advantages of the Ease platform. 
Our goal is to make your job easier!  If you are interested in getting more information about Ease and the enrollment process for the upcoming open enrollment season, please contact our office and speak with either your current agent or one of our knowledgeable health insurance and benefits advisers.