We are so proud of our amazing team member, Dani Massingill, for breaking not one, not two, not three, but FOUR world records at Powerlifting Worlds in Ireland a couple of weeks ago.

Our team here at RSS got to cheer Dani on via Facebook Live, and it’s a major understatement to say we were excited about it! Dani kept us on the edge of our seats as we proudly watched her accomplish her goals. We love cheering on our fellow team members here at RSS, so to watch Dani do so well at a competition she’s trained so hard far was incredible!

We recently interviewed Dani about her amazing experience at Worlds. See her answers below!

How many world records did you break and what were they? 

“FOUR in total – 2 squats, 1 deadlift and the world record for total weight lifted. I also received Best Lifter for my division.

The squat old world record was 402lbs. I beat that with my 1st attempt at 407lbs and second of 440lbs – that being the new record.

I matched the bench world record of 215lbs.

The old deadlift record was 424lbs. I beat that with my 440lb deadlift.

The total weight lifted old record was 970lbs. I beat that at 1095lbs.

 I was also in the top 5% out of all competitors and divisions, both men and women,  for the day.” (WOW)

What did your prep look like leading up to worlds?

“Prep usually requires about 3-4 months of planning, both diet and workouts. It starts out easy with high volume and then decreasing volume and increasing weights each week. The final weeks leading up to worlds are usually the best and the hardest. You are hitting numbers you didn’t know you could, but your body and mind are exhausted. Everything hurts, but you are so focused on the goal that you just push that aside. After my back injury in April of 2018, my training has been very geared towards perfection, every movement is as technically flawless as possible, and that alone has presented a huge mental challenge.  You start watching your weight and what you eat early on so it doesn’t get out of hand. I eat a fairly clean diet. I try to keep it like 80/20. I stay strict to clean foods but allow myself to have treats. The closer you get to the competition, the more strict of a diet and deficit you are on. I do a water cut the last few days before the meet which isn’t my favorite!”

 How many days a week do you typically work out? 

“Usually 5-6 days a week from 430am-615am and then I do yoga on Saturdays.”

How did it feel to break your own personal records as well as many world records? 

“If I am being honest, I did not hit the numbers I wanted to. I had my personal goals and didn’t meet them. Then again we are our worst critics right!? But I was so thrilled to know that after all the early mornings, the aches and sacrifices, the I had earned those World Records. To know that I can and will do more just fuels me. Every meet I go to I learn something new and try to apply it in my training.”

Did you enjoy being in Ireland? What was your favorite thing you did during your downtime?

“Ireland was incredible! The culture, the people, the food and of course Guinness and Irish Coffee! We got to stay in some smaller towns that were so beautiful. The best part was staying on a farm where we got to see the baby chickens, cows and pig Matilda! I have never had that much time off and it was incredible to spend it with the ones I love most. We got to venture through castles, see the depths of caves, experience the breathtaking views of the cliffs of Moher and the girls and I got to put our toes in the ocean for the first time! So many memories and blessings! To be honest, some of the best moments were those that we all sat together as a family and enjoyed countless deserts!”

What was your favorite part about participating in Worlds?

“The experience it’s self was amazing. Getting to fly across the world to do what I love and with my family is unbelievable to me. I was honored to be there and humbled by all the strong people who surrounded me. The best part though, was amidst all the noise and chaos, I could hear my kids cheering for me, that I wouldn’t change for the world!” (How sweet is that?!) 

What competition do you plan to participate in next?

“I was invited to do a national meet in June. This is where I will break my current records, set new ones and also qualify to be on the USA Team.”

Congrats on your victories, Dani! Our team here at RSS can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.