Let’s face it, the world around us is changing, and changing fast. The way people interact with each other and with businesses continues to evolve every year, every month, if not every day. Consumers have access to almost anything they could desire immediately and online.  Everyone wants to communicate at a moment’s notice through social media, email, text, webchat, chatbots, and direct messages. We leave our opinions and reviews on Google, Yelp, NextDoor, Angie’s List and Facebook.

And guess what? The insurance industry is also changing and adapting to be able to better serve the needs of its insurance purchasing consumers. At RSS, we have been paying close attention to all of the trends of the ever-changing consumer and insurance landscape.  We want to be able to provide our clients with the best possible insurance purchasing experience, along with the best service, while excelling in our role of advisor and expert.

We want to be able to communicate with our clients and community in a way that’s convenient and easy for them, yet still stay true to who we are as an agency and team. We ourselves, are continuing to evolve, learn, and change in order to be an agency of the future. But we will do this while maintaining our culture, our core values, our personality, and accessibility to our clients.

We invested in our clients and agency this week by attending a conference in New Orleans, Louisiana called Elevate. The theme? Totally crush it. It was an opportunity to meet with other agents, carriers, vendors, and experts in our field (and from others) about how to elevate our agency, our brand, our processes, and our technology.

We truly enjoyed taking some time away to look at our agency to consider numerous ways we can improve or update, how we can better communicate with our clients, and how we can streamline our processes within our agency to make it easier for everyone.  We learned about new and exciting technology improvements, ways to create better customer experiences through automation, how we can develop video and other communication strategies, how to best share our story, and much more.

It was an extremely productive and exhausting several days, but we’re super excited about the resources and strategies we were able to come home to Colorado with. We can’t wait to implement many of the new technologies and ideas into our agency structure this year! We’ll be sure to share with everyone when we make an update or change.

We should also mention that we had a wonderful time doing a little bit of sightseeing in the Big Easy while we were there. We enjoyed visiting Jackson Square, the Garden District, Café Dumond’s for beignets, and of course we took a stroll (or two) up and down Bourbon Street.  

We’re excited for the future of our agency and how we’re going to continue to improve our services and technology for our clients in 2019 and beyond. We’re ready to CRUSH IT!