We are thrilled to welcome Genisi Pennie to the RSS team as our newest Employee Benefits Advisor!

Genisi originally started her career in financial consulting and life insurance sales before transitioning to health insurance in 2010.

Genisi grew up in both Thornton and Northglenn, Colorado. She is a 5th generation native of our great state! Genisi graduated from Northglenn High school and has attended both Regis and Metro University. She currently attends Metro University, working on finishing her Bachelor and Masters degree. Genisi is currently studying accounting to round out her understanding of business.

Genisi is happily married to an amazing man, Dave. She has one 22 year old son, Justin, who is a very talented artist.  She has a 30lb Maine coon cat named Filo, and 2 dogs, Hagar and Dakota. Also, her dad Dale is her best friend.

Genisi says she “has so many interests she can’t keep up with them all,” so she dabbles in a bit of everything. She sings in a classic rock band that hardly ever has gigs…they just like to play together. 😉 She also loves going to the movies, reading, watching TV, kayaking, going to sporting events when she can and walking with her dad.

Genisi loves to try new things. She just recently left the country for the first time, and on top of everything else she is currently pursuing, she is beginning to look into backpacking and she has also started taking golf lessons!

Genisi’s community oriented mindset perfectly aligns with the overall mindset of our team. In the additional spare time that she has (how does she even have any?!) she enjoys helping others. She says, “I want to help where I can. I want to offer time, expertise, experience, or whatever else is needed. I enjoy volunteering, taking food to friends in hard times, and explaining complex things that I happen to understand, in a simple, easy to grasp manner. I love to make someone feel comfortable with something that previously made them nervous or apprehensive.”

When asked what was important to her Genisi said, “My family, ethics and spirituality, equality and acceptance of each other, relationships with good people, and continued growth in my own life.”

When asked what she would like to share with our clients Genisi said, “I am very excited to be a part of RSS Insurance. I have worked for some time on the carrier side, and I have truly missed working closely with my clients. I want to help solve problems and strengthen current plans in place to create security for employees and their families. That is precisely why I got into this business 20 plus years ago.”

Welcome to the RSS team Genisi! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish!