What will 2020 look like for you? For us, it will be a year of MORE.

As we look forward to a new year, especially a new decade, we hold much hope, optimism and excitement for what 2020 has in store for RSS. We feel confident that as we enter the 20’s our agency will be doing, being and becoming exactly what we have always planned and imagined it to be to its full potential. What does that look like to us? We are anticipating a year of abundance…we’re expecting more.

  • More relationships.  Quality relationships with our current and future clients and our team is critical to us. You can expect to see more of us out in the community developing relationships and going deeper.
  • More depth. We’re good at what we do, but we will continue to improve by adding more layers to our team in order to provide a better experience for our clients and community. We want to give everyone at RSS an opportunity to do what they do best at a deeper level, be it through education, experiences, additional support and team-building.
  • More opportunity. This new decade will be an exciting time. Our industry is evolving and there are so many new and exciting ways that we can and will be improving RSS and our team through advanced technologies and the ability to be in more and better partnership with our clients.
  • More giving. We had a phenomenal year out in the community giving of our time and resources. Numerous volunteer days, drives, sponsorships, community involvement and bringing awareness to key issues in our area. We’re not slowing down in 2020…we plan on getting even more involved.
  • More impact. We provide our clients with critical services that done well or poorly can change the trajectory of their lives and businesses. We will continue to always be improving ourselves, our services and the products we provide in order to best protect the lives of those who seek our advice. We will make a positive impact when “life happens” and we help our clients rebuild what was lost.
  • More reach. We want to affect our community and clients in larger and bigger ways. Through consistent efforts to put ourselves and our agency out in our community and by developing new relationships with industry peers throughout the country we will be able to more effectively reach further with our message, services and care.
  • More knowledge.  In 2020 and beyond our team will make continuing education and developing industry relationships a priority. In our ever-changing industry and economic environment, we must be consistently adapting, learning and growing. We will be adding an educational portal to our agency benefits where our team members can consistently be learning and working on industry designations and growth.

So, what does 2020 look like for you? For us, we view this new decade with crazy excitement! We can’t wait for the year to roll in. We can’t wait to get started. We can’t wait to experience MORE.