Ding, Ding, Ding! The battle between Captive vs. Independent Insurance Agents is a constant topic in the world of insurance. So, what are the main differences between the two? Today we are going to tell you just that…and why choosing an independent agent, such as RSS, is obviously the best choice. 😉


Let’s start with the basic concepts of both an independent and a captive agent.

Captive Agents are only able to sell policies through ONE insurance company. 

Independent Agents can quote through multiple insurance companies to find the best policy and price for their clients.

What does this mean? Independent Agents make the search for insurance coverage easy and painless because they can shop insurance options through different insurance carries FOR YOU. This means you will get the best coverage at the best price without having to contact several different captive agents to compare quotes. 

For a list of RSS insurance partners, CLICK HERE. TAKE THAT CAPTIVE AGENTS.


Next, let’s talk about the value of having an independent agent’s knowledge in your corner.

Captive agents only work with one insurance company which means their knowledge will be limited to the specific products they are able to sell through that one company.

Independent Agents are able to work with many different insurance companies which means their knowledge is much broader than a captive agent’s knowledge.  Working with many different carriers allows independent agents to work with a vast array of businesses and individuals. This means independent agents will have a better idea of what current insurance trends are, best practices and what types of specific coverage their clients need to protect their assets.  

**Here at RSS we work with over 50 different insurance carriers which allows us to insure pretty much any type of business or individual. We also have 9 specialty markets that we consider ourselves to be experts in. Check them out by clicking HERE.


For the final round, let’s talk about what happens when your insurance rates go up.

Captive Agents only work with one insurance company. So, if your rates go up the only thing they can do to lower your rates is to decrease your coverage limits.

Why should you NEVER decrease your coverage limits to receive a lower rate? Your coverage limits are determined by your assets and specific coverage needs. Lowering your coverage limits to receive a better rate could leave you completely exposed in the event you have a claim.

Independent Agents can re-quote (or “re-market”) for the same insurance coverage at a better price with a different insurance company. THAT’S RIGHT! Independent agents do the work for you by finding you the coverage you need at the best price possible.


We think it’s pretty clear who the winner of this battle is. Let’s sum it up one last time.

Independent agents can provide you with the best insurance coverage at the best price possible.

Independent agents can insure pretty much any type of business or individual through the many insurance companies they partner with.

Independent insurance agents do the work for you by quoting your coverage through different insurance companies to find the best price available for the coverage limits YOU NEED to protect your assets.

The knowledge of an independent agent isn’t even comparable to that of a captive agent’s due to the vast array of insurance products they work with.

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