We spend a lot of time taking stock and evaluating RSS. We remain aware of where we have come from and what has always made us unique. We’re the stewards of our agency’s future and the special qualities that define it. It’s a responsibility that we find both exhilarating and daunting. We want to get it right; we want to make a difference. 

 We’ve been doing a lot of thinking. What’s important to us? How can we best serve our community, our employees, our families and our clients? What do we want our legacy to be? What determines what a legacy is? We like this definition of legacy:

  “A legacy is the lasting impact a person or a business has on other people and a gift they leave for the world.”

 Our legacy will be defined by our purpose.  What is our purpose? At RSS our mission and purpose are simple. Protecting others. Protecting our children, protecting our employees, protecting our community and protecting our clients. So how do we live out this purpose? How do we reach our goals and make a difference that lives on for years to come?

 To us the answer is simple. Invest. An investment in TODAY will develop our legacy for years to come. We can solidify our lasting impact on others by focusing on what we are doing every single day to reach our goal of protecting others to the best of our ability. So, what are we investing in? We’re investing in things that matter. We’re investing in our promise, our people and our community.


Our promise to our customers is “Protection, Taken Personally.” It is something we live and breathe every day at RSS. This phrase encapsulates not only the services we provide, but how we do business, treat our clients and view everything we do. At RSS we like to think that we are a beacon people can value and trust. We are honest, genuine and kind people who always put the best interests of others first.

At RSS, we proudly carry on the legacy of principles our agency was built upon over the last 53 years. These values are the lifeblood of our work and the foundation of the care we show our clients every day.  Our service is built on values, rooted in expertise, and driven by care.

Our agency was founded upon the principles of integrity, professionalism and honesty.  As the latest agency owners, we added three more cores values we feel passionate about-generosity, community and teamwork.  We expect every member of our RSS team to uphold our high standards of fairness, truthfulness, integrity, and care for our clients and each other every day.

Our promise and our values are something we hold with the highest regard. We will continue to invest in these principles, and they will be our lens through which we evaluate all our decisions and will define our culture, our team dynamics and will always be our primary compass.


Our people are the heart of our agency. We depend on them to carry out our values, mission, and our high level of care and service to our clients.  The RSS team considers each other family and our clients consider them partners.  We will continue to invest in our people now and in the future.

We are investing in our team in several ways. First, we provide our employees with a full suite of benefits.  Medical, dental, vision, life, and short-term and long-term disability.  We also provide a 401k plan in which we contribute every month.

A couple years ago, we decided to partner with a local personal trainer, and we created our own RSS Wellness Program.  We’ve established monthly wellness meetings and have a private Facebook page for our program. The page provides workouts, tips, meal ideas, interesting fitness and nutrition facts, quotes and contest opportunities. Our trainer also provides text, email, and private message support to all RSS team members participating in the program.   In fact, right now, nine members of our team our participating in a six-month transformation challenge!

We are making continuing education and personal development a priority. In our ever-changing industry and economic environment, we must be consistently adapting, learning and growing. We will be adding an educational portal to our agency benefits this month, where our team members can consistently be learning and working on industry designations and growth.  They will have the opportunity to obtain industry designations right at their fingertips.

As part of this development, we encourage our team to find an industry their passionate about or something they’re interested in and we will support their networking and association involvement. The growth of our team is paramount to us.

Continuing to develop our culture and our RSS “teamwork mindset” is vital to who we are and who we will continue to be.   It’s important to us that not only do we speak our values at RSS, but our team joins us in living them out day to day and with each other.  Adding people to our team that fit our culture and our RSS mindset is key in defining our legacy. We endeavor to create an environment at RSS that fosters trust, collaboration and teamwork. We want our office to be our team’s second family.

Lastly, at RSS we provide opportunities for our team to serve our community together numerous times throughout the year. Community service is an opportunity to connect our employees to RSS’s core values, bringing our beliefs to life through service and action.


Investing in our community is an RSS cornerstone principle. While we’re proud of our legacy of experience and product knowledge, we also want to be known for our relationships with our customers and our community with whom we come in contact. We believe strongly in the principles of community, generosity, kindness, and charity.

RSS has implemented numerous opportunities for our agency to “give back”, volunteer and to donate to the community and world around us every year. Our belief system and core values led us to create a referral program that supports four different charities throughout the year. RSS donates $10 for every referral we receive to our Charity of the Quarter.

Not only do we have a referral program that supports our community, but we also volunteer our time and resources to numerous charities throughout the year. This year, we will specifically be closing our office so our team can serve at Project Angel Heart, Flatirons Habitat for Humanity, Food Bank of the Rockies, and A Precious Child. We also serve and participate in our local Chamber of Commerce programs and many other organizations.

By investing in our dedication to our agency promise to our clients, caring for and growing our people, and serving our community to the best of our ability, we believe we can actively create an RSS legacy for years to come.

Our legacy…Protecting others. Protecting our children, protecting our employees, protecting our community and protecting our clients. “Protection, Taken Personally.”