RSS Difference #1: We are insurance partners, not peddlers. Every suggestion we make comes from a place of integrity and consideration for your needs and never ours.

We believe that in a world of “insurance sameness,” RSS stands out. We’re different than many of the insurance companies and agencies out there.  We’re proud of our team, who we are, and what we stand for.  We believe in the services we provide, the advice we give, and the products we represent. We’re passionate about supporting our clients and community, helping them thrive, protecting what they value and hold dear.  This isn’t lip service, and these aren’t just words. It’s the core of who we are.

In 2018 we spent some time reflecting on who we are as a team and an agency. As we mentioned a couple of months back in a prior blog post, we developed our new brand pillars we now call, “The RSS Difference.” Our brand pillars are the mission, values, purpose, voice, tone, and feel of our agency. These are our compass—the lens through which we evaluate all decisions at every level of our business. These short statements will clearly guide our agency in all its client interactions and help focus our team on what’s important.

In 2019 we’d like to explain what our four differences mean to us and how we decided upon them as our guiding principles. In this post, we’d like to start with RSS Difference #1.

                 SERVICE BEFORE SELF   ~  We are insurance partners, not peddlers. Every suggestion we make comes from a place of integrity and consideration for your needs and never ours.~

Our sole purpose as an agency and as individual agents is to help our clients find the best possible insurance coverage and policies to protect what’s most important to them.  You might be thinking, “Blah, blah” I’ve heard that before.  It’s sounds very cliché, true, but let’s dive a little deeper into what we’re saying and not saying here.

RSS exudes integrity. We believe there is only one way to do things-the right way. Doing the right thing every time means that we are a true insurance partner versus insurance peddlers—we’re never willing to sacrifice the right protection for someone just to make more money.

Our first consideration is always our client and what’s best for them, and not the other way around. What matters most to us is protecting those who seek our advice from the damage of life’s most unplanned, hard moments. This value system is something RSS and our entire team live and breathe every day.

You probably also noticed that nowhere do we mention that our goal is to find the “cheapest” insurance for our clients.  There are many agents and agencies out there with the sole purpose of getting “cheap” insurance for their clients.  We’re not one of them. Yep, you heard that right. While we of course find the most affordable premiums for our clients as part of our insurance review and comparison process, price is never our only priority.

RSS isn’t for the person looking to cut corners to get the absolute cheapest insurance. We’re for the people who share the mindset that anything worth doing is worth doing right. They’re small business owners and families who’ve worked hard and recognize the value in having a trusted advisor. They’ve built successful lives and RSS is there as a partner to help them protect it all.

We hope you get to experience our “RSS Difference #1.”  Rest assured, you, your family and/or your business will have peace of mind knowing that our agency and team have put your needs first and have offered and provided the best possible, comprehensive insurance program to fit your unique needs. Welcome to the RSS family!