RSS Difference #2:  Our level of knowledge and experience in this business sets us apart, yet we continue to challenge ourselves to evolve through mentorship and ongoing education.

We desire to be the very best at what we do at RSS. We strive to inform, educate and advise our clients to the best of our ability. It is imperative that we have the most current industry information, understand local and national trends, stay on top of new products and services, and truly understand what our clients do and what assets they need to protect.

While insurance may seem like a static and boring concept and product, it is actually always in a constant state of change. Products and rates change regularly, and the needs of consumers and businesses vary greatly.  Not to mention that insurance itself, along with all the different lines, products and endorsements can be fairly complex.

At RSS, we have a steadfast desire to always continue learning, teaching our team, and staying well-versed in our clients’ businesses and daily needs. Not only is our entire team licensed in insurance, but we have regular education expectations in place for everyone as well.

 “We do continuing education classes every 6 months. Our providers offer webinars. We discuss program changes in monthly meetings—even    those that our competitors are making. Every month we get new knowledge.” —Dena Brown

 In addition to expecting our team to continue their education, we also have monthly team meetings to discuss our individual insurance carriers, their products, rate   changes, and changes in the insurance industry We also discuss changes in the economy and changes in the Colorado economic and financial landscape, along with general local trends. It’s a time that our team can share ideas, problems and suggestions with each other.

Our agents also know how to listen and how to ask the right questions. To be a great insurance advisor, one needs to have an innate curiosity and desire to learn about the people and businesses they come in contact with.  While we advise on the insurance needs for all types of businesses large and small, and all size and scope of personal lines accounts, we have taken the time to learn about numerous industries in depth and have acquired specialized knowledge to better advise our clients in the process. 

Simply put, we know insurance better than most. We believe that not all agents are created equal, and, in our opinion, we do insurance better than a majority of the agents and direct writer companies out there. This knowledge sets RSS apart and has earned us trust with our clients.   Our clients choose RSS because we know the insurance business inside and out.

“I’ve been in the construction industry for 30 years. Aaron can talk the talk. He knows the GC/Subrelationship. And he knows general liability and worker’s comp. Our relationship aside, I chose RSS, first and foremost, because of his knowledge of my industry.” —Dave Highfield, Principal/CFO, Fortress Framing

“RSS knows the field very, very well. They’re easy to talk to and always happy to help. It was easy to transfer the business to RSS.” —Amy Gearhard, CEO/Founder, SPECTRA Autism Center

Our clients know they can trust us to educate them about the risks they face, while in turn offering them customized solutions that will protect their assets and what they care about most. From covering our customers’ businesses to insuring their families, we design a custom solutions to help them protect their livelihood. We know that peace of mind is essential to prosperity, and there’s nothing we want more for our clients. Our promise is founded in our expertise, knowledge and education.