Don’t you enjoy spending time with like-minded people? People who just get you and seem to “do life” the same way you do? Life and relationships are just more enjoyable when you know what to expect, know who you can rely on and know who you can trust. Just like many people, our agency has a set of values that guide us, thereby fostering a culture within our team and RSS that promotes a different kind of way of doing business.

Our life view, purpose, and mission might not be for everyone. RSS isn’t for the person looking to cut corners. We’re for the people who share the mindset that anything worth doing is worth doing right. We’re for families and small business owners who’ve worked hard and recognize the value in having a like-minded, trusted advisor.

So, what are we into? What principles do we hold dear and live by every day? Let us share some of the fundamental values that we care about that make us who we are and determine how we operate our agency.

HONESTY.  At RSS we conduct ourselves in a fair and straightforward manner. We don’t take short cuts, we don’t twist or cover up the facts, and we don’t misrepresent our customers or our insurance carriers. We believe in upholding a very high standard of fairness and truthfulness above all else.

INTEGRITY.  We are insurance partners, not peddlers. Every suggestion we make comes from a place of integrity and consideration for your needs and never ours. Doing the right thing every time is the only option at RSS.

KINDNESS. We approach every client partnership as a personal relationship built on compassion, utmost trust, and indispensable advice.  We believe kindness is treating everyone with warmth, honesty, and compassion.

RESPECT. We believe in treating others how we would want to be treated. We are committed to respect and hospitality for our client partners, our cherished employees, and the community we serve, together.

COMMUNITY. Community is at the heart of everything we do at RSS.  We support our local community and beyond in order to better the lives of others. We are involved with numerous nonprofits and organizations.  Our values motivate us to want to share with those around us in an effort to improve lives and better the world.

We’re into these values. If you are too, we might just be the insurance agency for you. We look forward to getting to know you! We welcome you to contact our team today. #ProtectionTakenPersonally #BuiltonValues #DrivenbyCare