AgentPhotoWhy do we run an insurance agency in Colorado, providing, explaining, and servicing various and almost all insurance products to people in our community and beyond? We love what we do! That’s why we do what we do.  Plain and simple. However,  we’d like to explain why we feel so passionately about the services we provide and why we’re so proud to assist our clients and community.
We believe we provide a crucial product that everyone needs to have. The correct insurance coverage benefits our customers and in some cases protects our clients from complete and total financial collapse. While some people may think of insurance as a nuisance and an unneeded expense, we see it as a safety net that protects people from disaster or financial instability.  From our vantage point we get to see story after story of how the proper insurance coverage has completely saved a family, business, or individual from losing their home, their business, or their life savings. We love that we can be part of providing financial security and protection to our clients, friends and community.
We love to learn about people and businesses. We’re definitely in a “people” business. If you don’t enjoy getting to know others, you most likely shouldn’t be in a service career such as insurance. Our agents and staff enjoy talking with our clients and finding out about their lives and how they can best assist them.  No two clients are the same.  Every person or family’s situation is typically very different from the next.   Almost every business client we encounter has very specific insurance needs or requirements unique to their field or industry.  Our newest agent, Angela Mattei says, “I enjoy learning what has inspired companies to do what they do and I like being able to help them protect every aspect of what their  business is passionate about.” Sometimes our clients don’t even realize their risk exposure until they’ve had the time to speak with one of our RSS team members. Learning about our clients and getting to know them is imperative!
We believe we have a high level of expertise and we like to share what we know with those around us. Insurance is actually a fairly complicated and misunderstood product. We have 16 licensed team members at RSS. We have agents and service staff that specialize in every product from your basic auto or home policy to  health insurance, workers compensation, highly complex and specialized commercial products and everything in between. We enjoy being able to find the correct policy and coverage for every person that calls us or comes into our office.  We provide an incredibly valuable service to those that contact us by being able to explain complex matters in every day terms so our customers feel confident in their insurance coverage and policies we place for them.
We LOVE what we do!  We believe in our products, love learning about people, and enjoy sharing our expertise and explaining insurance in easy to understand terms.  We hope you’ll agree and see our enjoyment of what we do each and every time you call or stop by our office.