Coverage is needed if safeguards fail.

Data breach, cyber attack, data piracy, skimming, hacking, security breach.  Scary isn’t it?  We’re hearing these terms in the news now on a daily basis.  Everyone – businesses, employees, and individuals are all susceptible to this kind of attack on their private information. What can you do?  Keeping your data safe in the first place is the first step. We’ve provided 10 helpful tips to secure your laptop data in particular:
10 Tips to Safeguard Laptop Data

  1. When traveling, never transport your laptop in checked luggage. Carry it on with you, and keep an eye on it at airport security.
  2. Apply distinctive paint markings to make your laptop unique and easily identifiable.
  3. If you step out of a meeting or conference room, take your laptop with you – or it may not be there when you return.
  4. Carry your laptop in a non-descript carrying case, briefcase or bag. A case designed for computers is a clear signal to thieves that you are carrying a laptop.
  5. Back up your information regularly and keep the information stored in a safe place.DataBreach
  6. Don’t let unaccompanied strangers wander around your workplace. Offer assistance and escort visitors to their destinations.
  7. Parking garages are common theft locations. Cover your laptop to hide it from view or place it in the trunk.
  8. If leaving your laptop in the office overnight, place it in a locked cabinet or secure it with a cable lock that wraps around a desk or chair leg.
  9. Consider purchasing a theft alarm system specifically made for laptops.
  10. Avoid automatic log-ins. They may be easier, but if your laptop is ever stolen, your information is all the more vulnerable.

However, even with the attempts we make to keep all of our, our clients and our employees data secure, hackers still may find a way to steal our information.  When all attempts to keep our data safe fail it is important to have insurance coverage in place. Many personal homeowner’s policies offer the option to purchase ID Theft Protection as an additional coverage to help with the cost of repairing your credit and expense reimbursement.  On the business side, we provide specific policies with several of our insurance companies called DATA BREACH COVERAGE.  Read more about this coverage here. Data Breach Coverage can help absorb costs associated with a breach including notification, public relations, and legal and liability expenses. The policy may also provide professional assistance when a breach crisis occurs.
In 2015 it is becoming more and more important to protect one of your most important assets – your information and personal data.  Do you have the proper plans and coverage in place?