“I Gotta Have Me My Boats & Bikes.” -Stepbrothers, Brennan & Dale

Although Colorado is constantly trying to tell us differently, summer is right around the corner (fingers crossed), which means it’s time to make sure all of your summer toys are properly insured.

For many Coloradans this means making sure your “Boats and Bikes” are fully covered, and of course, we felt it necessary to quote the infamous movie, “Stepbrothers,” to bring a little laughter to the ever so thrilling topic of insurance.

Before you head out on your boat or bike this summer, make sure to read the tips below.

  1. BOAT INSURANCE: At first glance, it may look like you are getting a great deal on your watercraft base policy. What most people don’t know is that many base policies require endorsements and additional premiums to get you to the full coverage you need. It’s important to make sure you understand your policy and what it covers. “Basic” policies will not always provide you with comprehensive coverage. Here are some of items you’ll need to consider when looking over your policy.
  •  Navigational Area   
  • Agreed Value Coverage 
  • Liability 
  • Medical Payments 
  • Physical Damage Coverage 
  • Uninsured/Under-insured               
  • Watercraft Bodily Injury 
  • Fuel Spill Liability and Wreckage Removal 
  • Personal Effects 
  • Unattached Equipment Coverage 
  • Emergency Assistance

For more information on the coverage options listed above, CLICK HERE or CONTACT OUR OFFICE to speak with one of our wonderful insurance advisors.

2.  MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE: Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. Name your ride and, chances are, we have motorcycle insurance that can cover it.  Cruisers, choppers, sport cycles, touring bikes, dirt bikes, scooters and mopeds – we can provide insurance for them all. We get what riding is all about, because several of our team members are bikers too.  We can help you explore all that motorcycle insurance has to offer from helping you maximize extra discounts to make your insurance more affordable to finding those special and customized coverages to protect your bike. Read about ways you can save below.

  • Take a motorcycle safety course: Successfully complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or other approved motorcycle safety course and become eligible for a discount that lasts for three years.
  • Join a riding club or group: Be an active member in one of 24 approved motorcycle riding clubs and association groups and get a discount.
  • Ride More: Pay lower rates for your years of riding experience. The longer you’ve been riding, the lower your motorcycle insurance bill. Discounts are available for one to two years, three years, four years and more than four years of riding experience. Keep riding.
  • Garage your bike: Keep your motorcycle locked in a secured structure overnight. If you care about your ride enough to give it a safe place to stay, we’ll give you a discount.
  • Own your own home: Save up to 20 percent when you own and primarily reside in a single-family home, townhouse, condominium or mobile home.

For more ways to save on your motorcycle insurance or for additional information on some of the special features and benefits RSS can offer you on your motorcycle policy, please CLICK HERE or CONTACT OUR OFFICE.

Before you “sail around the world and go port to port” this summer, please make sure you are fully covered so you can spend your summer ALMOST as care free as Brennan & Dale (I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be as care free as those guys).

Happy Adventuring!