Today’s modern homes have many features and upgrades that provide comfort and entertainment to the entire family.   We begin to depend on them, but oftentimes, they let us down. Household appliances and equipment can stop working at any time. Unfortunately, repairing most of these items can be pretty expensive!
Thankfully, many of today’s homeowner’s insurance policies offer an additional coverage available to purchase for as low as about $2.00 a month. Equipment breakdown coverage is designed to protect possessions homeowners insurance does not typically cover. So what’s the benefit?

 Multiple Appliances, One Warranty

Equipment breakdown coverage can be used to replace costly and confusing coverage provided by home warranties and big-box retailer extendedIMG_0957 warranties. It’s an alternative way to protect both your belongings and your budget.

Energy Star®

Equipment breakdown coverage will replace a covered appliance with an Energy Star® rated appliance of like kind and quality.

Typical Household Items Protected by Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Important home systems and property are protected from losses caused by accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown. Examples include appliances, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool mechanical equipment, water heaters, well pumps, home security systems, electrical systems, personal computers and home electronics.

What’s Not Covered?

Equipment breakdown coverage does not apply to wear and tear. Wear and tear is the natural deterioration of a machine’s ability to perform its intended function. The coverage applies only to losses that are direct and accidental. Please also remember that a deductible will still apply before losses are covered.
For very little additional premium a month, this coverage may make sense to add to your current homeowners policy. Contact our office and we can help you determine if this would be a worthwhile coverage to add to your homeowner’s policy.