When we purchase a new vehicle, we’re often very proud and handle it with the utmost care, don’t we? We want it to stay brand new as long as possible. However, have you ever considered how it will be repaired if damaged in an accident? If  you wreck your brand new Toyota Sequoia several months after purchasing it, the insurance company will pay for brand new manufacturer Toyota Sequoia parts (known as OEM-Original Manufacturer’s Equipment) when replacing the damaged ones, right? Not necessarily. shutterstock_206835355

In fact, since OEM parts generally cost more, most repairs that the insurance company pays for are done with replacement parts that were not manufactured by the original car manufacturer. In truth, these replacement parts may be as good or even better quality than the OEM parts, but many car owners feel protective of their investment and would like to have OEM parts put back into their vehicle.  If you feel strongly about having only OEM parts in your vehicle, you may want to consider adding an OEM endorsement to your auto policy.  The additional cost is roughly about 10% of the auto premium itself.  Here’s what you need to know about the OEM or Original Parts Replacement endorsement:

If you’ve added the OEM endorsement to your auto policy, in the event of a loss, Comprehensive and Collision coverages will be extended to repair or replace damaged property with new original equipment manufactured parts (if available). This endorsement does not apply to windshield losses. The safety glass exclusion also applies. To be eligible, a vehicle must meet the following criteria:

• must carry both comprehensive and collision coverages

• be an auto, pickup or a van

• be 10 years old or newer

Vehicle age is measured by the current calendar year minus the vehicle model year. Coverage is available up through the vehicles 10th year of age. After that, the coverage will automatically be removed from the policy at the next renewal. This coverage cannot be extended to vehicles rated as antique/classic autos, restored autos, motorhomes or trailers.

If you think you may want to add this optional endorsement to your auto policy, have additional questions, or would like to get a quote for this coverage on your vehicle, contact our office.  We would love to help you. Helping you protect your investment is our priority.