Winter offers Colorado residents many fun outdoor activities with one of the most popular being snowmobiling. Before you head to the mountains this winter, take the time to make sure you have the proper snowmobile insurance coverage.

Here are four things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider year-round coverage for your snowmobile:

While some may think snowmobile insurance coverage is only needed during the winter season, this is not true.  While the risk of a loss is lowered in the off-season, a loss is still possible. A comprehensive snowmobile insurance policy will cover more than accidents that happen while the snowmobile is in use. It will also cover fire, theft, vandalism and accidents where the driver is not at fault, such as deer strikes.

  1. There are ways to receive discounts on your premiums:

Some snowmobile insurance policies offer discounts for taking safe rider classes or maintaining/storing your snowmobile in a safe location such as a locked storage shed. Talk to your insurance agent to see if you are eligible for these discounts.

  1. Snowmobile polices can be customized based on how much you use the vehicle.

Snowmobile polices can be customized based on the number of months the equipment is used vs. placed in storage.

  1. Understand the difference between an auto policy and a snowmobile policy.

Snowmobile polices tend to be stricter when it comes to who is covered as a driver. Snowmobile owners may be required to name the individuals who have permission to drive their snowmobile. Some polices even limit drivers to relatives such as spouses. Auto and snowmobile policies also differ when it comes to repair vs. replacement costs. Insurance companies will sometimes limit reimbursement to only repair the snowmobile to functional use while not repairing cosmetic damage.

For any questions regarding a snowmobile policy, please contact our office. One of our agents would love to assist you in making sure you’re properly covered this season!