There’s no foolproof way to safeguard against car theft. But many no-cost deterrents exist for protecting your vehicle. A thief’s greatest enemy is time. The more difficult your car is to steal, the longer it takes to be stolen. The longer it takes, the more likely the thief will move on to an easier target. Here are nine ways to frustrate car thieves:shutterstock_115808086

  1. Park with the wheels turned toward the curb. Turn them even when parking in driveways and parking lots. This makes your vehicle difficult to tow.
  2. Park in well-lighted areas. More than 50 percent of vehicle thefts occur at night.
  3. Use your garage and lock both the vehicle and the garage.
  4. Keep your vehicle registration in your purse or wallet and file your title at home. If a thief has these two documents, your car will be easier to sell.
  5. Park in attended lots. Thieves don’t like witnesses.
  6. Activate anti-theft devices your car is equipped with.
  7. Close all windows, lock all doors and take the keys with you. One out of four stolen cars has its keys inside.
  8. Always turn off your engine and take your keys with you during “quick stops” at convenience stores, gas stations, ATMs, dry cleaners, etc.
  9. Put all packages and personal items out of sight. Items left in the open make your vehicle a more desirable target.