Summer is almost here! Time for sun and fun, vacations, and for many people camping in their RVs.  Along with the fun however, comes the responsibility of making sure we have protected our home on wheels.  We buy homeowners insurance for our house and auto insurance for our cars,  so of course we need to make sure we purchase RV insurance for our recreational vehicles.
RV insurance blends home and auto insurance coverage into a single form of coverage, protecting the RV against collision with other vehicles or objects, weather damage, vandalism and theft to the RV and personal items inside. It also offers liability protection.
Our agency receives many questions this time of year about RV policies and protection. We thought we’d share a few of the most asked questions along with their answers.
RV Insurance FAQs: rv_camp
What types of recreational vehicles do you insure? 
Our insurance carriers offer coverage for class A, B and C motor homes , campers, travel trailers, pop ups, horse and utility trailers. We can provide coverage for motor homes with values up to $1 million and travel trailers with values up to $300,000.
Can I use my RV for work?
Most of our insurance carriers only cover RVs used for personal recreation.  They do not offer coverage for any RV driven or towed to and from work or a work location, including any RV used by touring entertainers, construction workers and race car drivers. However, we  do utilize a couple of carriers that will insure RVs used in business situations under certain conditions.
My RV is also my home for most of the year. Am I covered?
If you use your RV for less than 150 days a year,  all of our standard companies will be happy to insure your home away from home.  We also contract with a couple of carriers that will insure you in your RV year round.
Can I get roadside assistance for my RV?
Yes, you can. All of our companies offer an emergency assistance option including all the great features of Roadside Assistance and add coverage for temporary living expenses and transportation costs.
Can I reduce coverage while my RV is in storage for the winter?
Yes, you can reduce your coverage to only comprehensive if your RV is stored for more than 90 consecutive days. It’s a great way to save money on your RV insurance.
Is my personal property covered?
With the purchase of emergency assistance, personal property is covered from theft or damage away from home.
Can I drive and camp my RV anywhere?
RV insurance will cover your rig in the continental United States, U.S. territories or possessions, and Canada.
Can I add my RV to my auto insurance policy?
Yes you can. However, adding your RV to your auto policy, simply treats it as another vehicle, rather than the specialty “home away from home” vehicle it truly is. Keep in mind, in most cases, specialized RV policies offer enhanced and increased coverage to protect your vehicle that operates as a home.  These enhancements include  increased liability limits,  additional property coverage, and optional specialty accessory coverage for all of those RV “extras.”
You may find more information on our RV insurance page. As always, please call our office if you have any questions about properly protecting  your RV.  Happy and safe travels to you and your family this summer!