Motorcycle InsuranceSpring is in the air, summer is on the way, and we’re all looking forward to enjoying those Colorado blue sky days. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or rider it also means that you’re looking forward to spending many days riding your bike in our beautiful state.  At RSS, we know that most likely your bike is one of your prized possessions.  Are you treating it with the care you would your home or car by protecting it with motorcycle insurance?
Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. Name your ride and, chances are, we have motorcycle insurance that can cover it.  Cruisers, choppers, sport cycles, touring bikes, dirt bikes, scooters and mopeds – we can provide insurance for them all. We get what riding is all about, because several of the RSS insurance team are bikers too.  We can help you explore all that motorcycle insurance has to offer from helping you maximize extra discounts to make your insurance more affordable to finding those special and customized coverages to protect your bike.

Save Money at Every Turn

Our insurance companies can offer safe riders significant savings through a variety of discounts and benefits. Take care of yourself and your bike. Spending less money is much easier than perfecting your tight turns at high speeds on a gravel road. We can help  you save significantly on your motorcycle insurance with potential discounts. While you’re at it, ask about savings for ATV, golf cart, snowmobile and scooter insurance, too.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Successfully complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation or other approved motorcycle safety course and we’ll give you a discount that lasts for three years.

Join a Riding Club or Group

Be an active member in one of 24 approved motorcycle riding clubs and association groups and get a discount.

Ride More

Pay lower rates for your years of riding experience. The longer you’ve been riding, the lower your motorcycle insurance bill. Discounts are available for one to two years, three years, four years and more than four years of riding experience. Keep riding.

Garage Your Bike

Keep your motorcycle locked in a secured structure overnight. If you care about your ride enough to give it a safe place to stay, we’ll give you a discount.

Own Your Own Home

Save up to 20 percent when you own and primarily reside in a single-family home, townhouse, condominium or mobile home.

More Ways to Save

Give us a call and we can help you find more ways to save on your motorcycle insurance. It’s possible to lower your rate if you:

  • Insure more than one bike
  • Also insure your car, home and boat with the same company
  • Maintain continuous coverage
  • Are a homeowner
  • Pay your bill in full
  • Make a claim-free renewal
  • Have a theft recovery device or anti-lock brakes
  • Have multiple years of riding experience
  • Increase your deductible

A Motorcycle Insurance Policy Filled with Extras

We can also provide you with quotes and policies packed with special features and benefits to keep you safe such as:

  • Safety apparel coverage up to $1,000 a rider, at no extra charge.
  • Optional Custom Parts Coverage up to $20,000 per vehicle with the first $3,000 covered at no additional cost.
  • Optional roadside assistance to reach help and get you back down the road quickly if your bike breaks down.
  • Two-year motorcycle replacement coverage for brand new current-year-model vehicles bikes.

Enjoy the upcoming summer, enjoy the ride and keep your bike protected. As always, please contact one of our knowledgeable insurance team and we can walk you though the motorcycle insurance purchasing process. We’ll make sure to find you the best coverage at the best possible price so you can ride on!